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Hiring of 103 unemployed people

Wednesday, 25th January 2023


The president of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol; the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the Regional Minister for Economic Model, Tourism and Labour of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Iago Negueruela; the deputy mayor for Education and Employment, Olga Granados, and the manager of the IFOC, Darío Espallargas, have today welcomed the people who will join the two SOIB programmes, managed by the Calvià Town Hall, which allow hiring of 103 unemployed people.

These are two lines of programmes in collaboration with the SOIB. On the one hand, one of dual training, and, on the other, the SOIB REACTIVA programme. The dual training line includes five SOIB TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT projects FOR UNDER AND OVER 30 YEARS OLD, while four municipal SOIB REACTIVA projects are brought forward.

During the ceremony, the president thanked "all who make these programmes possible" for their work and, above all, "those of you who have trusted these programmes, have signed up and are going to train with us." Francina Armengol explained that "when we began to govern eight years ago, we decided that a strong hold of the Regional Government had to be active employment policies, focused on the groups that need it most, and all the specific programmes that we have launched have shown that they work: people who go through them have more opportunities to find a job in private companies than those who don't».

Finally, the President of the Government has claimed the fact of having professional experience in the Public Administration because "it gives you a very positive vision and because it is from the public sphere that you change the rules of this society and how you can work to make life easier for your colleagues, neighbours, family and the general public".

On his behalf, the mayor of Calvià, has highlighted the importance of events such as the one that took place today that reflect what a determined political activity in terms of training is. He has thanked the Balearic Government for its ability to promote active employment policies along with active training policies, and which result in the ability to improve people's employability.

Lastly, Minister Negueruela highlighted the role of the Calvià Town Hall, "one of those that has done the most to give the people of this municipality an opportunity", and has ensured that the result seen today is the result of "investing " resources in generating opportunities and in working on policies in a courageous way: in eight years we have gone from less than 40 million euros in budget to the more than 120 that the SOIB now has".

In relation to dual training programmes, it is worth mentioning that on 16th November, the Calvià Training and Employment Institute (IFOC) launched five mixed SOIB training and employment projects, in which a total of 59 unemployed people participate. Thanks to the 5 projects that the Calvià Town Hall has launched, two more than in the previous call, it will be possible to hire 30 young people under 30 and 20 people over 30 who, with the support of 9 management professionals of programmes, they will carry out works of social interest in the municipality of Calvià.

Mixed projects are programmes that combine real work and theoretical-practical training, within the framework of the training and learning contract. Its purpose is to improve the employability of the participating people, through the acquisition of new professional skills. For this reason, in addition to obtaining certificates of professionalism and work experience of one year, an individualised insertion itinerary is also made for each student worker.

It has a duration of 1,680 hours, and allows the hiring for 12 months of 30 unemployed people, under 30 years of age, registered in the national Youth Guarantee system and 5 project management professionals, registered in the SOIB.

CIMS, is the name of the project in which the professional guide certificate for low and medium mountain itineraries will be taught, complemented with the A1 level of German. The work or service that these people will carry out consists of carrying out tasks of collecting information on the state of conservation of public paths of interest to hikers, preparing tour guides, analysing signals or carrying out group guide activities, amongst others. Actions related to paths and trails and routes of interest to hikers throughout the municipality. They will also provide support in the organization and development of activities and events related to active tourism.

ESPORTS CALVIÀ, is a project in which two certificates of Professionalism will be given: Physical conditioning in a multipurpose training room and Lifeguard in aquatic facilities. They will carry out tasks of revitalising sports and promoting a healthy lifestyle in the different municipal sports facilities in collaboration with ICE.

PINOTELLS, a project that allows participants to obtain two certificates of professionalism for Auxiliary Activities in Forest Harvesting and Auxiliary Activities in Forest Conservation and Improvement. They will carry out forestry actions, such as clearing, cleaning and maintenance of roads, and anti-fire strips in various peri-urban areas, but they will focus on the forest management of the Sa Morisca Archaeological Park, and on the agroforestry management project of the Galatzó public estate.

Also with a duration of 1,680 hours, it allows the hiring of 20 unemployed people, over 30 years of age, and 4 professionals registered with the SOIB, for a period of 12 months.

LLAVORS: During this time, students/workers will be able to obtain the Auxiliary Activities in Gardens and Garden Centres and Auxiliary Activities in Agriculture certificate. They will carry out garden conditioning work in different municipal offices, such as municipal gardens, the Paseo Calvià, senior citizens centres, etc. They will also participate in the agroforestry management project of the Galatzó public estate.

DADES CALVIÀ: in this project the certificate of professionalism of Administrative Activities in the relationship with the client will be given. The working student body of the Dades Calvià project will carry out tasks of collecting, and processing information related to the degree of knowledge and satisfaction of the citizens of Calvià and users of services that directly impact the quality of life of people to that are related to the environment, citizen information, commerce, cleaning of public spaces, leisure activities, social welfare, etc.

To carry out these five projects, the Calvià Town Hall has received a subsidy of approximately 1,137,955.43 euros granted by the Department of Economic Model, Tourism and Work, which has funds from the Sectoral Conference.

During the course of the different projects, the student-worker will receive training in job placement and job search techniques, computer literacy and awareness of equal opportunities. Training in new technologies will have an important weight from day one, since the intention of the Town Hall is to train the participating people in digital skills so that they can continue training in a distance mode, so necessary today.

In relation to the Reactiva projects, it is worth mentioning that a total of 54 unemployed people hired by the Calvià Town Hall began their work activity, through the SOIB Reactiva 2022 programme.

SOIB Reactiva 2022 is an initiative promoted by the SOIB that is configured as an active policy to promote employment. This programme, which for Calvià has involved 674,852.46 euros, is financed by the Sectoral Conference on Employment and Labour Affairs and is carried out within the framework of collaboration with local corporations.

For this programme, four projects were presented in Calvià, one by the Calvià Town Hall, through the Calvià Training and Employment Institute (IFOC), which encompasses various municipal areas (Commerce and Activities, Social Development, Children and senior citizens, IFOC, Maintenance, Environment and Ecological Transition, Housing, Youth and Citizen Participation, Urban Planning, ICE, Culture), and others by public bodies: Llar de Majors de Calvià, the Municipal Institute of Education and Libraries (IMEB ), the Municipal Tax Office.

The call contemplates hiring for a period of six months and consists of two lines of action for unemployed people: Line 1, aimed at young people under 30 years of age, and Line 2, aimed at long-term unemployed people over 30 years of age.

When these projects are finished, the IFOC makes available the necessary resources to promote their employability, such as the Municipal Placement Agency, the employment guidance service and the entrepreneur care service, in addition to training actions.

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