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Fundación Calvià

What is Fundación Calvià?
It is an entity in which the Town Hall takes part with the aim of stimulating life in our municipality. The main priority is to break seasonality and get Calvià to be a tourist destination for all year round, preferably families, senior tourism and leisure itineraries based on quality and sustainability. So we can all enjoy our environment all year.

Since the foundation's creation in 2004 we have developed tourism promotion programmes in four directions: sport, cultural, gastronomic and outdoor tourism.

How do we work?
We have a Board that does the decision-making and a team of five people working full time. We seek at all times transparency in management, as shown in the Transparency Portal of the Town Hall and the Contractor Profile.

Promotion of Calvià as a tourist destination throughtout the year and also the optimization of tourism services through workshops and specific training for our hoteliers and service companies are amongst our main work guidelines.

We develope activities in all necessary ways: legal frameworks, leisure trends, auxiliary services ... All those needs of our businesses to constantly modernize our offer. Of course putting accessibility and respect for the environment amongst our priorities.

What Initiatives take place in Fundación Calvià? 
Our action plan is based on initiatives and proposals from different areas of the Town Hall:

  • Sport: athletics, running, and promotion of outdoor sports and use of our natural resources.

  • Culture and BetArt fair: we work for cultural reformulation of tourist areas, such as the Magaluf Spring Festival. Tourist Day and other initiatives work to promote a sense of community and stay amongst visitors to our tourist area.

  • Trade, gastronomy and tourism. Mycological days in autumn, culinary training in our cultural centres throughout the year and cooking weeks to promote our local talent.

  • Heritage: from archaeological sites to hiking trails, bird watching and promotion of our natural heritage. The Galatzó project and the Archaeological Park of Sa Morisca are our most ambitious projects so that Calvià's environment can be better appreciated all year round.

Where can you find us?
c / Julia Bujosa Sans, batle, 1 07184 Calvia - Mallorca
Telephone 971139190
Web Site