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Improving the public estate of Galatzó

Friday, 29th December 2017


The improvement works that have finished will allow conserving patrimonial and ethnological elements and solve humidity problems

The Town Hall of Calvià has carried out over the last month a series of improvements on the hydraulic system on the Galatzó estate, which consisted of cleaning, repairs and waterproofing of the water cistern of the house and the outside water tank of the public estate.
The works have been carried out with the aim of saving water by preventing unnecessary losses; reduce of humidity due to leaks that the cistern caused on the structure of the main building, especially the mill room; and to conserve and maintain the structure of the cistern and the outside water tank to store the rainwater collected from the roofs, as well as the accumulated water from the well and the font des Ratxo, for use in the house, gardens and agricultural facilities.

These actions, together with the recovery of the irrigation canal of the Font des Ratxo, are part of a project to improve the hydraulic system of the Galatzó estate, which the Calvià Town Hall presented to the public call for grants from the Serra de Tramuntana Patrimoni Mundial Consortium, in May 2017. Of this call, the Town Hall of Calvià has been granted 21,921.05 euros to carry out the project.
The work carried out has improved the water management of the farm, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view, preserving a part of the building of humidity problems, and conserving and putting in value the patrimonial and ethnological elements that are part of the farm's hydraulic system.
The public estate of Galatzó will also be subject to improvements through funds from the sustainable tourism tax, which will allocate 2,195,522.86 euros to the recovery of the hydraulic system to enhance agricultural and environmental management of the farm, and to the reform of the building of the old pigsty to locate a mountain refuge for hikers.