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Rei En Jaume Photography Awards: Terms and cond.


Tuesday 14th May 2019


The contest recovered in 2018 aims to stimulate artistic creation and publicise the municipality from various aspects

The result of the contest will be given during the course of the rei En Jaume festivities 2019

Check the contest terms and conditions on this link or clicking on the picture

The Calvià Town Hall announces the second edition of the 'rei en Jaume Photography Awards' that can be presented from 17th to 28th June, and whose theme will be the "Architecture of Calvià, from the defence towers to the latest avant-garde".

The rei En Jaume Awards, one of the most recognised contests of the cultural scene of the Balearic Islands, that began in 1971 with the name of Premios Calvià (Calvià Awards), that after different stages in which different modalities were added and linked to the Disembarkment festivities, were stopped being called after 2011, were recovered last year.

The rei En Jaume Photography Awards are reconvening with the purpose of stimulating the artistic creation and to make known the municipality from the historical, leisure, geographical, natural apects, etc. With this purpose, in each call a main theme is established with the aim of generating coherence and connection between all the works presented.

In this edition, the theme is the Architecture of Calvià that will cover from the Middle Ages to the present, and the following types of buildings: buildings, houses, temples, fortifications and other similar works, whether they are civil, public, religious, military or private.

Three different categories are announced: Premi rei En Jaume unique work, with an endowment of 700 euros; Premi rei En Jaume series work (from 2 to 6 photographs), with 1,000 euros, and Premi rei En Jaume portfolios (between 10 and 20 pictures), endowed with 1,300 euros.

The Premis rei En Jaume will take place during June, July, August and September, and the result of the contest will be known during the rei En Jaume festivities, during the opening ceremony Exhibition to be held at the Calvià Town Hall's exhibition room.

In the last edition, David Diéguez Rodríguez, with his work "Holi de colores", won the rei En Jaume Photography Awards 2018 colour category, while in the modality of black and white a special mention was given to the work “La reina mora busca a su contrincante” by Bernat Carrot Calvayrac.