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Book about the history of transport in Calvią


Calvià 7th February 2020


The book 'Del carro als primers cotxes. Els antics mitjans de transport a Calvià' (“From the cart to the first cars. The old means of transport in Calvià”), the fifth issue of the municipal collection «Memòria de Calvià», has been presented today at es Capdellà civic centre.

The book consists of two parts. A first historical part, written and documented by Bárbara Montoya Boix, and a second part where the testimonies of people of the village related to the world of transport are collected, and that is the result of a conversation recorded with video, also included in the book in the form of a USB card.

The historical part of the book follows a thematic distribution by chapters. In the public transport chapter, a route is made from the first stagecoaches that went up to Calvià, with stops and stop hostels, and the tram that reached Cas Català, to the first passenger trucks called «es Correu», passing through a frustrated railroad project in Calvià.

In the private transport chapter, the authoress discusses the primary means of transport, from travelling on foot to the use of carts and carriages. It also includes sections dedicated to the bicycle, motorcycles and the arrival of the first private cars.

The third chapter talks about carters and muleteers, who first carried the cargo on the back of the animals and that then used the carts to carry bales of firewood to the furnaces in Palma, transport trucks to carry agricultural products and construction materials, and the transportation of rubbish.

The presentation was carried out by the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal.