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Agreement with IDI to promote entrepreneurship


Wednesday 6th July 2022


Amongst the actions planned during the validity of this agreement, Reempresa stands out, a programme that will promote the continuity of the companies of the municipality

Mayor's statements
Vice president's statements

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the regional vice president and minister for Energy Transition, Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory, Juan Pedro Yllanes, have signed a collaboration agreement that will allow entrepreneurs and companies in the municipality to benefit from the different services that the public business entity IDI offers.

The mayor pointed out that the signing of this agreement will facilitate entrepreneurs all the existing tools available, and the best way is to do it jointly, for which he thanked both, IDI and IFOC, for their initiative. Rodríguez Badal wanted to highlight, in this sense, the Reempresa programme because it will give the opportunity for companies that may be in a situation of closure to continue their activity.

On his behalf, the vice president stressed that “the IDI has confirmed that local action in business development is key. For this reason, councils must be provided with the tools to be able to carry out active policies in the creation of companies”. Yllanes has assured that "the agreement that we have signed today with Calvià Town Hall is the regulatory framework for collaboration between both public institutions and reflects the commitment of both, IDI and Town Hall, to cooperate and work together to promote entrepreneurial and business activity of Calvia”. In addition, he recalled that this agreement will allow "more efficient management of public resources, as well as coordinate and improve attention for users".

The IDI has different support programmes in the regional sphere: Icomerç to promote the improvement of trade in the municipalities, Idigital to support companies in their digital transformation process, Iemprèn to promote and support self-employment, Iemprenjove to promote entrepreneurial capacities of the educational community, Iexporta to facilitate municipal companies the access to foreign markets, Isostenibilitat to help companies in the transformation towards a more sustainable production model and Reempresa to facilitate entrepreneurial companies the access to the small and medium-sized companies trading market.

The collaboration between Calvià Town Hall and IDI will facilitate coordinated action, to develop joint work towards the dissemination, knowledge and enhancement of services and resources of both institutions.

Of these programmes, it is worth highlighting Reempresa, an innovative entrepreneurship and business growth model that encourages the continuity of companies that are economically viable and seek a change in ownership and management.

The programme's start-up in Calvià will allow entrepreneurs in the municipality to access the transfer offerings market of small and medium-sized companies that for various reasons (retirement, health, etc.) are considering the option of closing. Thus, the loss of the business fabric caused by the lack of relief is avoided giving an opportunity to people who want to start a self-employment project.

Reempresa, through the Calvià Training and Employment Institute (IFOC), will offer personalised and free advice to both parties for the preparation of the transfer and business plan, as well as advice during the company's transfer process.

With the signing of this agreement, which was attended by the deputy mayor for Education and Employment, Olga Granados; the manager of the IFOC, Darío Espallargas, and the managing director of IDI, Mariona Luís, Calvià Town Hall's service is reinforced in terms of local promotion and development.