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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Application for the licence to carry out the actvity of dynamic publicity

The process is as follows:

A)Present the Request to the General Registry at the Town Hall, together with all the documents and duty payments.

B) The received documents will be checked and the corresponding file will be opened.

C)to finalize, handing over of authorized permit, reflective jacket and Municipal Licence. The period of presentation of the documents for the dynamic publicity licence is open in the Registry of the Town Hall. For more information Regidor of Commerce Tel. 971 139176, comercio@calvia.com. The fact of presenting the application in the registry does not give you the authorization to carry out the dynamic publicity activity until you have obtained the corresponding licence. Presentation at Calvia Town Hall, C/ Julià Bujosa Sans, Batle, 1 07184 Calvià ( Balearic Islands)

handling costs:
The cost for each Publicity Agent is 180,25€, in the case of loss of theft of the permit or the reflective jacket a renewal charge of 18€ will be made

Documents to present:
The minimum documents to be presented are the following:


b.Nominal list of staff.

c.Copy of the last availableTC2.

d.Copy of the Opening licence of the premises.

e.ID of the titleholder or deeds of consitution of the society if the case may be.

f.Copy of the registration of thel IAE (registration in the fiscal census of the Tax Office).

g.A samply of the publicity that you are going to give outr (Brochure or leaflet).

h.Proof of legal capacity of the premises

i.Payment of the duties (Publicity licence + permit + reflective sleeveless jacket).